Wood Fences: Making the Best Selections for your Yard

If you plan to enclose your yard with a fence this season and have started investigating your options, you may have had trouble narrowing down the best choices for your yard. There are a lot more considerations when putting up a fence than many homeowners realize! 

From the style of wood fences (split rail, privacy, semi-private…) to the variations in appearance (color and wood grain of different type of wood can vary greatly) to the durability and maintenance considerations, choosing a wood fence for your home requires considerable planning. The good news is that thoughtful decisions will pay off in the long run. Not only will you love the way your fence looks, selecting the best choices for you will ensure your fence lasts and looks good for years to come. 

Below, we’ve gathered some important information and considerations for homeowners who want to learn more about wood fences. For more than 30 years, our A+ rated business has served homeowners and commercial businesses in the greater Minneapolis area. Let our experience help guide your decision-making process. 

What Kind of Wood Fence Do I Need?

Making smart selections for your fence material and style starts with considering the primary purpose of the fence. Is it to keep pets in, pests out, or both? Do you want to complement your existing architecture, or is the primary reason for getting a fence to improve security and enhance privacy around your home? Wood picket fences and split rail fences have a certain quaint appeal, but many people are pleased to see how different decorative top treatments on a privacy fence can also be very attractive. 

The saying “good fences make good neighbors” is familiar, but sometimes homeowners are concerned about upsetting neighbors when they install a fence. Good looking wood fences, however, usually have a positive impact on neighboring properties, as well. When you call Security Fence, we understand your concerns and will work with you to ensure your satisfaction. As accredited members of the American Fence Association, we are professionals who strive for excellence in every fence we install. 

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Different Wood Fences Require Different Maintenance 

Cedar, Cypress, and Redwood wood fences are among the best in terms of their low maintenance and longevity (and, some would say, beauty). Of those, Cedar is by far the most popular choice, and for good reason: Because it is naturally resistant to pests and weathers beautifully, virtually no treatment is necessary either before installation or on an ongoing maintenance basis.

This is one reason cedar is especially appealing to families with young children or pets – no need to worry about chemical treatments! While Cypress and Redwood have similar benefits, they are both more expensive than Cedar wood fences. 

Wood Fences, Residential Security, and Privacy

If your primary reason for fencing your yard is for privacy and/or security, wood fences offer many options.  Board-on-board wood fences provide both security and privacy, while at the same time, enhancing your landscape and home’s curb appeal. 

wide variety of board styles, posts, and gates designs offer you tremendous flexibility. Our fencing experts can help you narrow down your options in order to make the best selections for your yard, your home, and your family. 

The Best Choice for Wood Fences in Minneapolis & Saint Paul

Don’t let the many style, color and design choices overwhelm you. Work with our friendly and experienced professionals. We are always happy to help our customers select the fence that makes the most sense, and offers the best value, for their needs. 

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