Why a Fence Upgrade Should be on Your New Home To-Do List

If you have moved into a new home, even if this isn’t a true ‘fixer-upper’, there might be a few upgrades and improvements that you would like to get to work on. One item on your list should be a fence upgrade if your current fencing option is lacking in looks, security, or sturdiness. A wooden fence install not only can look great, but will also protect your family and home at the same time. Here are five benefits a new wooden fence surrounding your home and property can provide.

1. Providing a Level of Privacy

If your current fence is falling apart, is shorter than you would like, or is even non-existent in some spots, this can make it hard to fully enjoy your space and relax as a family. A tall wooden fence not only can look nice and unassuming, but will give your family a bit more privacy both in the yard and inside your home. While you might live in a quiet area overall, having privacy fencing can help you relax in your home and not be distracted by neighbors, noise, or commute-related traffic in your neighborhood.

2. Upgrading Security Features

Having peace of mind at night and while you are away during the day are both needs that a security fence can help with. Installing a new fence will give you the authority to decide where access gates are put in and if locks should be installed as well. If your side garage door is currently accessible from the street, you might want to move your fencing up to protect this. If your current fence isn’t very high and is easy to look over, installing a taller, wooden fence can help secure your home without accidentally becoming an eyesore.

3. Upping Your Property Value

Upgrading your home’s exterior can have many benefits, and one could be immediately upping your home’s property value and curb appeal. A great way to immediately update the look of a fixer-upper is with a new fence. Wooden fencing can look nice and be a great barrier at the same time. A fencing project can be the perfect time to get started on an overall landscaping project, or you might discover other issues that need to be dealt with such as lurking pests, rot, or mildew. Upgrades that can all be fixed at the same time and documented will hopefully up your property value with a few simple projects.

4. Keeping Pets and Children Safe

Fences can be a great way to protect your home, but can also provide a level of safety to kids and pets who love being outside. If you have a large backyard, getting this fenced in properly can give your kids and pets a safe space to explore and play without too much supervision or access to spaces outside of your control. Keeping your kids away from dangers such as strangers on the street and passing cars can be hard to do without a fenced in backyard. If you want to give your family an outdoor space to feel safe in, a fenced in backyard can be a great solution.

5. Keeping out Other Dangers

There can be plenty of dangers a fence can help you avoid above and beyond security scares. If you have a pool or trampoline, keeping out neighborhood kids tempted to wander into your yard will keep everyone safe. Pests such as raccoons and deer can be deterred from helping themselves to your garden, trash bins, or lawn area. Even a wooden fence can be a sturdy deflector when it comes to external dangers and pests. Be sure to dig down about a foot when installing so that smaller animals cannot dig under your fencing at the same time.

While you might have some interior upgrades you would like to tackle in your new home, don’t forget that exterior upgrades can make just as much of an impact on your day-to-day life. If your home is in need of fence repair or an entirely new fence, contact us to go over fence options and find a look and style that works well for your needs, aesthetic, and family.