Why a Board on Board Fence May be Right for Your Yard

If you’re in the market for a strong, secure fence that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for privacy, then a board on board fence may be the right choice for you. This style of fencing, also called a shadowbox fence, provides a range of benefits for homeowners and is especially ideal for neighborhoods since it’s both versatile and functional without sacrificing any visual appeal. The wooden boards used in construction can easily be customized with paint or stain, so it can suit any home design or desired aesthetic.

Board on board fences are constructed with solid boards attached to either side of an internal frame, providing both privacy and security no matter which side of the fence your house is on. The final look is similar to that of a standard privacy fence in both height and coverage, shielding your yard from neighbors, passersby, and even from neighborhood pets and small, local wildlife. The closed-in design makes it a great option for backyards and other outdoor areas where privacy is desired.

The standard height of a board on board fence also makes it a good option for homeowners living in neighborhoods. They’re typically constructed with boards between four and eight feet in height, giving you a range of options to suit your family’s needs – whether you’re outgoing or more introverted.

If you’re concerned about your pets or children disappearing through any potential breaks or gaps in your fence line, then a board on board fence is the perfect option. While the shadowbox design does allow for some light and air to move through and around the fence board, the gap is usually insufficient for the average child or pet to squeeze into. The boards can even be placed closer together during construction for a tighter, more sealed design.

Of course, security isn’t the only thing to consider when deciding on a fence. Fences can also add an aesthetically pleasing accent to any home. This is another area where board on board fencing can be a great option for you and your family. Shorter fences can open up the look of your yard and help it feel airy without compromising safety, while taller boards draw the eye up and close in a space more completely.

Board on board fencing is constructed from wooden boards, much like a standard, single-sided privacy fence. This means that a fence can easily be stained or painted to help it blend in with the existing design, or to make it into a focal point by adding a contrasting color. Paint and stain can not only be changed up every few years when a new color is desired, but they also help protect the fence boards from both pests and weather.

Another advantage of a board on board fence comes from its dual-sided design. In most fencing options, there’s only one side of the finished fence that is visually appealing with the other usually showing the posts and beams used to construct it. This has the potential to cause tension in situations where a homeowner’s yard backs up to a neighbor’s and the two share a fence line. Arguments over who gets which side can be completely eliminated with a board on board fence, since both sides are visually equal. This is also an advantage for homeowners without close neighbors since a board on board fence offers a smooth, beautifully finished look from both the street and the backyard.

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