White Bear Lake Fence Installation Company

Many types of businesses cannot do without fencing and many homeowners have found that adding quality fencing around their property has added to their degree of privacy and safety. If you do not yet have fencing protecting your residential or commercial property, our White Bear Lake fence company can help you find the options that work with your needs.

Residential Fence Construction

There are a number of residential fences that you have to choose from. They include different types of chain link fences, such as the traditional type, vinyl coated chain link, and California chain link. There are also ornamental steel fences and ornamental aluminum fences. We carry wood fences, OVC vinyl fences, and vinyl fences that can add to privacy. We also have traditional aluminum fences and steel fences. Which is installed depends on your preference, budget, and the look of your home.

Commercial Fence Construction

Commercial fences are ideal for businesses that need fencing within warehouses or storage areas, need to partition parking lots off, or need added protection for the facility. There are also athletic field and facility options, such as batting cage fences and tennis court fences.

Our security fences are rather popular because they can be installed around equipment yards, schools, daycares, storage yards, institutions, correctional facilities, and more. With options such as barbed wire and various types of metal fencing, we can make any property more secure than ever and for the right price.

Contact A White Bear Lake Fence Contractor

Fencing doesn’t have to be expensive, which is proven by the variety that we provide and the different pricing levels. If your home or business is in need of fencing to increase security or privacy, we have a number of options we can present you with. To learn more about what we can offer you, call us at 612-788-4729 for a free estimate.