What Type Of Wood Fence Do I Want?

Wooden fences add a lot of value to a property. They create a visual focal point, and they perform many practical tasks. People love them for the security they provide and their natural beauty. It isn’t wonder then that many people are considering putting a wood fence somewhere on their property. 

However, the design of the fence determines how much good it will do. Picking a design that is wrong for your purposes is a waste of time. It is therefore a good idea to have an idea of what each type of design entails.


These are the classic fences made of vertical boards that are nailed at regular intervals to two horizontal posts, a low one and another one higher up. The horizontal post is then supported by vertical posts. The vertical boards often have sharpened tops because they are inspired by the pickets that were used to defend positions in battle. They have been a popular way to surround a property since the Colonial era.

Picket fences can corral small children and pets pretty well, but they are traditionally easy to look over. That can be part of the appeal: you can enjoy the views from your home. They also complement a variety of housing styles.

Split Rail 

This type of fence consists of lengths of wood laid horizontally and supported on their ends with posts. The lengths of woods are made of logs that are split lengthwise and are called rails. You see them used in America and Canada in agriculture. They were originally made of Chestnut, but they are now generally made of Cedar. 

Split rail fencing makes a pretty way to delineate a boundary, and they will keep relatively large animals out. However, they are easy to climb and tend to have gaps in them that smaller animals (and children) can get through.  They can be a fun way to direct traffic, or give a patio a countrified look though.

Show Box

These look like a picket fences only they are taller and the pickets are attached to the horizontal post on alternating sides.  They can be between 4 to 6 feet tall, and have tops. The result is a slightly more ornamental fence. 

They are quite popular for smaller areas, such as around the pool or garden. They don’t block everyone from seeing through them, so they aren’t as private as some others. However, they effectively keep kids and pets protected, and they provide a sophisticated touch to any yard. They are also very sturdy.


This is a broad category that covers any fence that is between 4 and 6 feet tall and presents a solid front. They often have an infill to the fence to make sure no one could see into the yard. In other words, it is built to keep prying eyes away from your property. 

Privacy fences are utilitarian, but they perform many tasks. Small children and animals will be safe behind these fences, and they allow you to sunbathe in peace on your property if you want to. They come in a variety of wood fence styles and colors too. Many are solid for the bottom 4 feet and then have a wood fence decorative top, such as latticework. It is excellent for dividing your property from the neighbors.

Choosing the right design is the first step in getting a fence that adds to your home. Fortunately, you can call on Security Fence & Construction if you live in Minneapolis and want a fence. We have been building for residential and commercial properties since 1972, so if you want our expertise, feel free to contact us.