What Type of Fence Is The Most Durable?

Strong, well-built fences can do their jobs for years, even in adverse conditions. But “strong” looks different in different circumstances and on different properties. Fences on the top of a hill, for example, need to be strong enough to withstand powerful wind.

Fences near a lake need to be strong enough to withstand corrosion. All fences need to be strong enough to handle sunlight and extended UV radiation. So if you’re looking for the most durable fence, start your search by finding the perfect material for your yard. 

Top 4 Most Durable Fence Materials

As you search for the right fence material, a lot more than durability might be on your list. Design, aesthetic, and budget are important factors to. Use this list of the most durable fence materials so you can find the fit that matches all of your criteria.

4. Timber

Wood fences are a top choice for residential property fences for good reason. They provide a solid barrier, they’re strong, and they look nice. But they can take a lot of work to maintain. Regularly staining and sealing the fence can make it last for years. But UV radiation, moisture, and microplants can make the material break down quickly. It can also start to lean and get caught in strong wind.

3. Vinyl

If you want a reasonably strong fence without all of the maintenance demands, vinyl is a good choice. While the material can crack if it’s directly impacted, it holds up well against small, everyday damage and long-term wear. It doesn’t require restaining and sealing because the vinyl is fabricated to be weather-resistant. When the material develops dings or small cracks over time, they’ll be hard to spot because the surface color goes all the way through the material.

2. Aluminum

If you want durability above all else, start your search with metal materials. Aluminum may be lightweight but it can withstand pressure, force, and bad weather. Aluminum fences are painted or powder coated with a strong seal that won’t let rust start to form. Different coatings can also protect the material from cracking and chipping so it stays sturdy in all conditions. Both traditional and ornamental aluminum fencing is highly durable.

1. Steel

The top choice for a durable fence is steel. This material has the most strength per square inch of any fencing material on this list, and you don’t have to surround your property in solid sheets of steel to reap the benefits. Ornamental steel fences and rails can have narrow profiles while still protecting your property for decades and resisting damage. It also has coatings to protect it from moisture and the elements.

Durable Fencing Is Also About Design

The material isn’t the only thing that decides how strong a fence is. Different properties need different designs to stay protected with durable fencing. Tall security and privacy fences need a different construction plan than decorative dividers. Fences that face erosion around their bases can have additional supports while fences in windy areas can be built to let the wind go around the paneling instead of getting caught by it.

That’s why a fencing specialist from Security Fence & Construction can evaluate your property before you pick your final materials and design. We can recommend the right styles, supports, and durable features to help your fence stand tall. We can prepare your fence as a privacy barrier that keeps neighborhood noise out or a perimeter fence that withstands snow, wind, and shifting soil. Contact us today to set an appointment.