What Species of Wood to Choose For Your Wood Fence?

If you have made the decision to invest in a wooden fence for your home or business than you are getting security and beauty while choosing a fence that doesn’t lessen the natural aesthetic of your property. However, whether you are opting for a privacy fence or a quaint picket fence, the type of wood you build it from matters.


When it comes to wood fences, cedar is the most popular option. It has natural oils that help to repel insects and it resists rot. Combine this with a protective layer of stain, and your wood fence will last for a long time. While you can paint cedar fences, often they are the most attractive natural wood options and it would be a shame to hide that.


If you live in an area prone to termites, cypress may be the way to go. It is naturally repellent to insects and with the right stain, it can be just as rot resistant as cedar. However, cypress does tend to cost a little bit more. It may be a price to pay if you are worried about termites or other insect ruining your fence, especially if you had them around your house in the past.


A pine fence is really the budget fencing option. However, while it costs much less in initial investment, it will cost more in man hours. As a softwood, it needs to be diligently treated to prevent rot. Furthermore, you also need to treat it to prevent insects. While there are stains specifically for pine fences, homeowners need to realize that they will have to reapply these stains frequently to maintain the fences.


Very similar to pine, spruce generally needs a lot of care. However, it can be even cheaper than pine to install, but it is also prone to warping with age if not protected from water. However, spruce typically takes on an eye-pleasing silver-gray as it ages, making it so homeowners will want to use a clear stain instead of a hue.


As, without a doubt, the most expensive wood option, you need some serious resources to fence a yard with redwood. While it has many of the benefits of more affordable cedar fencing, the reason people choose to pay more for redwood is the way it looks. It is a beautiful wood and a clear stain will keep it looking that way for a long time.

Keeping a Wood Fence Looking Good

No matter what material you choose, at some point you will have to put the maintenance work in. The type of wood you choose will dictate how much maintenance you do and how often it will need to be performed. For example, cedar can go without stain longer than a spruce fence without damage.

If you are not sure what your maintenance schedule should be, it can be as simple as asking your fencing contractor what you should be doing and how often you should be doing it. Visual inspections for insects, rot, and tilting should be done yearly. However, tasks like restaining your fence may only need to be done every couple of years.

Need Help?

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