What Makes a Good Fence Installation Company In The Twin Cities?

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A fence is one of those home purchases that you don’t make very often because when it comes time to get a new one, you expect it to last. When a fence looks good, most of the time people won’t really notice it, but you can be assured that if a fence was installed poorly, it draws a lot of attention and none of it in a positive way. So if you are looking to have a new fence installed around your Twin Cities home or business, you want the right company for the job. When you are in the market and overwhelmed with choice, this is what you should look for to avoid the tragedy that is an ugly, poorly built fence.

Insurance and Licensing

This is always one of the most important things to check before even considering a fencing company. Professional fence companies all will be properly licensed to work in the Twin Cities and have insurance that will not only protect them, but protect you in case any damage happens by accident or someone gets hurt on your property. A good fencing company should be only all too happy to go over any certifications, licenses, and insurance that they have to make you feel confident in choosing them.

Experience Is A Plus

These days, a lot of smaller businesses and start ups fold pretty fast. This is to not say you can’t find a good new fencing company, but if a company has been around for awhile, they are doing something right. Furthermore, an older company also comes with a lot of collective experience. You definitely want your fence built by a crew that has done hundreds of fences in the area rather than a crew of first-timers.

You may also want to consider if the company looks to have a preference for the type of fencing they do. Some companies can lean more towards residential fencing, which may mean they may not be a good fit for your industrial fencing job. However, if they display a good balance of work, they still may be a good balanced choice.

Local Reputation Is Important

Every company in every city is going to have a few bad reviews over their lifetime. However, reputation is still important. If those good reviews greatly outweigh the bad ones, it is still pretty likely that they are a great company.

Be sure to check out potential fencing companies with other Twin Cities residents that have used them. Testimonials on their website can help you make a decision, but you will also want to check Google and other social media reviews for the company.

Another good sign of a good reputation is if you can find photos of their work. Fences aren’t perhaps the most interesting photos, but a company will want to show off all the good work they have done in the past so you can know what to expect.

Finding A Good Fence Installation Company

If there is one thing that can be the best sign of a good fence installation company, it is the information that they give you. A good fencing contractor will be able to walk you through every step of the process, including what you will need to do. Information they should cover includes:

  • Pricing
  • Estimated time frame
  • Choice of materials
  • If the fence meets your unique needs
  • Clear measurements and dimensions
  • Who contact utilities for line locate
  • Any potential problems for the installation
  • If it comes with a warranty and how long it lasts

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What really makes a great fencing installation company is that when you talk to them, you feel confident about the installation because of the information that has been given to you. If you live in the Twin Cities and need a new fence, contact us today. Security Fence & Construction is ready to meet all your needs for a new fence and our professionals will inspire the confidence in the installation to help you know you made the right choice.