Types of Athletic and Sports Field Fencing

Athletic and sports field fencing is completely necessary to have at sporting events. It provides safety, security, and crowd control for everyone involved. These fences will differentiate particular areas of a sporting field. They are typically chain link and become part of whatever sport is being played, either to protect spectators or to screen in athletes. The type of sport determines what athletic and sports field fencing to use. 

Football Fence Construction Minneapolis

For something like high school football, chain link fencing is used mainly to separate the viewers from the players. The fencing usually surrounds the track and is about 4 feet high, along with pedestrian gates that are the same size and used along the entryway to the field. You can use attractive ornamental fencing for the sides of the stadium that are parallel with the road. You should also have fencing along the bleachers to protect viewers from slipping between the railings. 

Baseball/Softball Fence Construction Minneapolis

Baseball is the most common sport to see athletic and sport field fencing in. You should have lots of different fencing variations on the field, including fencing for the sideline perimeters, backstops, outfields, dugouts, and bullpens. These fences will range in size from 4 feet all the way up to 8 feet, and are typically chain link as well. 

Tennis Fence Construction Minneapolis

Fencing is necessary for tennis courts, as you need to enclose the courts to contain tennis balls. Although layouts of tennis courts may vary, they all need very high fencing, generally around 10 feet tall, along with being vinyl coated or mesh galvanized. You have to have the mesh at a certain size so that tennis balls do not get stuck in it. You also need the proper rails to prevent balls from rolling out of the court. 

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