Is It Time to Upgrade Your Minnesota Industrial Security Fencing?

What is the best method to protect your industrial property: security alarms or armed guards?  Alarms are great after the destruction, armed guards are great until they go home, but a well-built industrial security fence prevents the event in the first place and stays on the job while everybody else goes home.

Did you ever think about upgrading your existing fence? Have you inspected your security fence lately?

  • Are the anchor points with a concrete structure broken or separated from the building?
  • Are the pickets  broken off or are there gaps in the fence?  Are the pickets too widely spaced and unable prevent entrance?
  • Are the railings damaged? Should there be picket-points above the top rail to prevent intruders from going over?
  • Is the fence too low? Has the surrounding area become more dangerous?
  • Is your fence decades old, haggard and weak?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above inspection points it is time to contact Security Fence & Construction. We are the premier fence company serving the Twin Cities and surrounding area for over forty years. We have superior design, products and installation experience.

Schedule a free estimate and we will discuss your options, visit your industrial location, and provide a free affordable estimate. Security Fence & Construction will be there to guarantee your total satisfaction.