Three Fences For Residential Properties: Vinyl, Aluminum, and Steel

Congratulations! You’ve finally done it–you’ve bought a house with property! Finally the kids have a place to run, and the animals have a place to graze or play. However, a new home with land always requires a perimeter fence. Instead of installing the normal wood fence, consider aluminum, steel, and vinyl fences. The following are the three top reasons to include aluminum, steel, and vinyl in your fencing options:

1. They will last a long time. Fences of aluminum, steel, and vinyl will be durable and will last longer. They will not rot in wet weather or be eaten away by termites and bugs (like wood fences tend to do).

2. They will increase your property value. Nothing ages a home like a wood fence that has slowly lost its stain. It makes the estate look old and haggard. Aluminum, steel, and vinyl fences maintain their appearance over time. They will not change color and decrease the property value of your home.

3. They are chic and classic. White picket fences have been apart of the “dream home” for a very long time. Though beautiful, they require constant upkeep. If you do not have a Tom Sawyer in your home, you will have to whitewash the fences every season. White and cream vinyl fences give the same effect, but require no upkeep. You could have your “white picket fence” without all the hassle.

If you are looking into fencing your property, be sure to keep these options in mind! There are more fences available than just basic wood ones. Feel free to contact us for more information!