The Durability of Ornamental Steel and Aluminum Fences


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“Good fences make good neighbors”. This famous line penned by Robert Frost in his poem “Mending Wall” applies more today than it did in when it was first published in 1914. A most important key to the saying is what makes a “good fence”? 

Following Codes is the First Step to a Good Fence

Wherever you live, you are under the jurisdiction of a code enforcement agency. Some areas will have stricter codes than others. Make it your first step to check into what codes you must follow for fence installation in your area. You may be under the jurisdiction of the county, city, or HOA.

In some cases, you will be under two jurisdictions, such as the city and HOA. You will need to apply for and obtain the proper permits. Along with the permit will be an inspection by the ruling code enforcement officer. Also, make sure whether you as the homeowner obtains the permit or the contractor is required to obtain it. 

Legal requirements should not be overlooked to avoid costly rebuilds. A fence installed onto the neighbor’s property line would not make a good fence or a happy neighbor.

Design Possibilities of a Good Fence

An attractive fence makes a good fence and will please the neighbors. Ornamental Steel or Aluminum fences make a design statement which compliments your property.

By choosing the panels, hinges, gates, posts and other accents you are able to design a fence unique to your style. See some of the many design possibilities by viewing our Montage brand page. One of the nice assets of a decorative steel or aluminum fence is that the view is not completely hidden by the fence.

If your goal is to not block out the view, an ornamental steel or aluminum fence is the fence for you.

Cost of a Good Fence

There is a range of cost for an aluminum or steel fence. For an aluminum fence, the cost with installation can range from $1000 to $3,500. A steel fence will range between $3,000 to $3,500 according to HomeAdvisor. With your project, the cost will vary according to the materials, style, and the lay of your land.

Security Fence and Construction of Minneapolis will give you an accurate quote for your project. The cost of your steel or aluminum fence will be higher than some materials, but the quality and ease of maintenance, as you will read in the next section far outweighs putting a few more dollars into the project.

Quality of a Good Fence

Steel Fence

  • Strongest fence possible.
  • Perfect for very dry, inland climates like in the America West, where there’ is little risk of rust damage.
  • Welded together by movable parts for stability.
  • Expected life is 30 to 75+ years

Aluminum Fence

  • Low-density and malleable.
  • Very good at resisting corrosion.
  • Comes in many styles.
  • Ideal for damp, humid or ocean-side conditions.
  • Not affected by sprinklers, lawn chemicals, and many other residential factors.
  • Usually comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Requires little to no maintenance.
  • Costs significantly less to ship in a final product than other heavier fence materials.
  • Installation is often cheaper because of lightweight pieces.
  • Comes in a variety of styles because of how easy the metal can be shaped.
  • Expected life 50+ years

The quality of an ornamental steel or aluminum fence will make a good fence and a happy neighbor. It will give good aesthetic appeal and increase the value of your property. 

Insuring Your Fence

See our blog article titled “Is Ornamental Aluminum Fencing Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?”

“Most insurance policies will offer other structure coverage for 10% of your dwelling coverage at no extra charge. Meaning, if you have home insurance of $100,000, then your policy will offer you up to $10,000 (after you meet your deductible) to repair or replace ornamental aluminum fencing and/or other damaged structures automatically.”

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