Having adequate fencing around a tennis court is incredibly important for the safety of the players as well as for the overall dynamics of the game. Having to constantly retrieve a tennis ball that rolls onto the road, the park or the grass is not only annoying but also dangerous. This is why tennis courts are usually fenced off so that loose balls can easily be retrieved.

At Security Fence and Construction we provide more than just security fences for commercial business owners and ornamental fences for homeowners. We also provide beautiful yet practical athletic field fencing including tennis court fencing. Whether you want to fence off a single tennis court for your residential property or are looking to install several different fenced off courts in a recreational center, we can help.

Our tennis court fencing comes with an extended warranty and all of our materials and services are guaranteed. At Security Fence and Construction, we have been installing fences for over 30 years and can help you fence off your court the right way.

Tennis Court Fencing – Making The Right Choice

You may think that all tennis court fences are alike but this is actually not the case. There are several things to consider when comparing Minneapolis tennis court fences including:

The size and shape of the fence – tennis courts come in a standard size but you can choose to have the fencing around the court a little smaller or larger depending on what you want. You also need to think about how high you want the fence. If the fence is not that high, then they may not trap all balls that get away from the players, meaning more running around and retrieving lost balls than necessary.

The type of netting and fencing – PVC coating is a popular choice for tennis court fences in Minneapolis. This maintenance free material comes in a chain wire construction and offers minimal sticking. Furthermore, it is designed to withstand the pressures of the weather as well as players.

The gating in the fence – you will need your players to have access to the tennis court through some sort of gating system. We offer different pedestrian gates designed especially for tennis court fences.

Athletic Field Fencing Minneapolis, MN

In addition to tennis courts, our team at Security Fence and Construction can also provide you with several other fencing options for recreational and sporting facilities. This includes:

  • Netting for golf courses and driving ranges
  • Batting cage fences and netting
  • Equipment and locker room fences
  • Dugout fencing
  • Infield and outfield fencing for baseball diamonds

Security Fence and Construction – Leading the Way in Tennis Court Fences

Increase the enjoyment and practicality of your tennis courts by supplying adequate fencing around the area. Our team can help you with any general inquiries you have regarding commercial and residential tennis court fencing needs. Contact the team at Security Fence and Construction for a fencing consultation today at (612) 788-4729.