A split rail fence is one of the more standard and traditional options for your fencing needs. Essentially, a split rail fence will include basic timber poles positioned horizontally and vertically.

There is a lot of empty space between the rails which means less privacy and security but also provides better views and better construction in some instances. Split rail fences are often the choice for rural and residential properties, especially larger estates. Take a look at the many different split rail fencing designs that Security Fence and Construction offers to learn more about this traditional and rustic fencing option.

Residential and Rural Split Rail Fencing Minneapolis

A split rail fence may be the perfect addition to your property. Some of the more common areas where you will find this unique fencing system include:

  • Horse and livestock enclosures
  • Large acreage properties
  • Rural and ranch fencing jobs

While split rail fencing are not very private – after all, you can see straight through the pillars – you will find that there are plenty of other benefits to choosing this system. For one, split rail fencing is quite affordable as not much material is being used. Split rail fences provide a rustic look that may complement the look of your property, especially if you do have a larger acreage estate or a rural residence. Split rail fencing can enclose animals and livestock but without blocking out their view or your view in.

Of course, there are some instances where a traditional split rail fence may not work for you. While you can choose how close together you want the rails, in many instances the things you want to enclose will easily be able to slip through the cracks. This can include pets, children and intruders that you want to keep out of your property. Make sure you think about both the pros and cons of split rail fencing when looking into any type of fencing system in Minneapolis.

Security Fence and Construction – Split Rail Fence Specialists

There are so many different fencing options out there that it can be hard to choose the right design for your specific needs. Split rail fences come in plenty of different materials, including the warm Red Cedar timber as well as different sizes and rail depths. When you are looking into the different split rail fencing options, consider what you are trying to keep in, and what you are trying to keep out. Think about the design and layout of your property, the landscaping and the overall look of your home. A split rail fence may be the perfect addition to complete your rural look.

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