Shakopee Minnesota Fence Installation

Fencing plays an important role on your commercial or residential property in that it brings security, privacy, and it looks great. When you choose the right kind of fencing with the structure, then you can achieve a more expensive look and feel while keeping the property separated from the rest of the world.

Residential Fence Installation

Residential fences come in many heights, types, and materials. The different types include:

  • Split rail fences
  • Chain link fences, California chain link fences, and vinyl coated chain link fences
  • Ornamental aluminum fences, and ornamental steel fences
  • Vinyl fences and PVC vinyl fences
  • Wood fences, steel fences, and aluminum fences

The fencing is used to surround large fields (split rail), back yards, gardens, and anything you need them for.

Commercial Fence Installation

Commercial fences play a number of roles for businesses or commercial environments. Businesses tend to use interior partitions and cages to lock away products, separate departments, and also keep workers or the public away from hazardous materials.

Athletic venues use athletic field fences, tennis court fences, and batting cage fences. Gate operators and turnstiles are also used for crowd control reasons, which is why they are frequently used at ticket booths to ensure everyone pays for their tickets.

Security fences are used at correctional facilities, apartment and residential complexes, parking lots, schools, daycares, storage yards, equipment yards, and other places. Security fencing can come in the way of barbed wire or barbed tape fencing, netting, chain link fencing, steel, and can possess access control functions for added security.

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