Why Red Cedar Wood Fences are Ideal for Business and Home Owners

Business and home owners looking for high quality wood fencing should know that all woods aren’t created equally. While pine might be one of the most affordable wood fence types for purchase, it’s not going to give the best results, for that you have to go with red cedar wood fencing instead. Red cedar is known for its durability, attractive finish, customizability and for being sustainable. It’s one of the best options available today, but not the cheapest. After all, as it’s so commonly said, you get what you pay for.

Red Wood Cedar Fences Are Highly Durable

Red Cedar Wood Fences are known for their durability, and many customers decide on this fencing material because it’s known to last over time. Red cedar comes with natural oils that work to prevent decay and to stave off most insect attacks that could cause problems in other wood types.

It’s Attractive

There are few woods that look as nice as red cedar does when it’s turned into fencing. It’s well-known for having a rich grain and a nice mix of colors for an attractive variation. Whether you’re trying to make your home look its best, or enhance your business it’s tough to find anything better looking than natural cedar.

Customizes Well

Business or homeowners interested in getting a nice custom stain on their fence will enjoy the even look that red cedar provides. That’s because it’s free from resin and pitch, and accepts most colors well. The wood fencing can be stained dark or light, and it holds the color over time.

It’s Sustainable

If you’re concerned about the environment, buying cedar makes sense as well, because most cedar fencing sold today comes from a sustainable forest. Rather than rely on endangered wood, or more wasteful products like PVC, red cedar wood fences help keep landfills clean and are completely biodegradable when they aren’t useful any longer.

Red cedar isn’t a cheap material by any means, but when installed properly it’s some of the best fencing that money can buy. Just make sure that you have a professional put it in, so you get the best looking and longest lasting results. Talk with local fencing experts to learn what wood fencing options are available to you.