Why a Professional Should Install your Dog Kennel Fencing

security fence constructionThere’s nothing better than giving your dog the opportunity to be free and mobile throughout the day. Building a kennel for your pup is a great way to allow your dog to get some fresh air, exercise, and mental stimulation when you’re not home. Even if you’re busy inside the house with spring cleaning or a dinner party, an outdoor kennel can come in handy.

Another one of the benefits of an outdoor kennel is that it’s secure. These days a fenced in yard doesn’t always cut it. Have you seen all of the dog napping stories on the news lately? Getting an outdoor kennel ensures that no one can mess with your dog and more importantly, that your dog won’t escape.

In our experience, we’ve seen many home-made kennels. In fact, a lot of our house calls involving kennels require removing the old, home-made, kennel before we install the new one. I feel for these people, because many of them spent good money, and a lot of time, building a kennel on their own because they thought it would be more cost-effective. But because of poor design, material, or installation, majority of these home-made kennels fail. That’s why we always recommend that a professional should install your dog kennel fencing.


-Safety: Fences can be very heavy depending on the size and grade. If you don’t have experience installing these types of fences, you could injure yourself. Worse yet, and we’ve seen this happen, the fence can collapse later and fall on your dog, injuring your pet! As professionals, we have a very particular way of installing the fence and securing it into the ground to make sure these accidents never happen.

-Security: As mentioned earlier, dog theft is on the rise. Even if you live in a suburban area, your pet could still be at risk. It’s important that a professional install the right locks and hinges to ensure that your kennel is secure. Not only to deter someone who wishes your dog ill will, but also to make sure your pet doesn’t escape to go after the mailman.

In the end, using a professional can save you money. Avoid having to replace your home-made kennel later, and contact us today for more information.