Minnetonka Fence Installation

You may be in need of fencing because you are having security issues, such as intruders. Then again, you may simply wish to prevent intruders from coming onto your personal or business property. Whatever the reason behind your need for fencing, there are many options that are available to you at both the residential and commercial levels and each one offers a certain degree of security and privacy.

Residential Fences

Our Minnetonka fence company offers a wide range of residential fence options so homeowners can find the fence that works with their home. Having one that adds to the curb appeal can also add value to the home. These fencing types include:

  • Split rail fences
  • Chain link, California chain link, and vinyl coated chain link fences
  • Ornamental steel and ornamental aluminum fences
  • Regular vinyl and PVC vinyl fences
  • Wood, steel and aluminum fences

What you choose depends on your budget and the degree of privacy that you want. You can also choose various security options to go with your fencing.

Commercial Fences

Our commercial fences consist of interior partitions and cages, tennis court fences, batting cage fences, athletic field fences, and gate operators and turnstiles. We also have a number of security fences that include barbed wire fencing, barbed tape fencing, timber fencing, vinyl fencing, steel fencing, and a variety of others that are used in low and high security situations. Sometimes fencing may be needed to enclose a storage yard or an equipment yard. Other times they are needed for schools, daycares, play grounds, and parks. Then there are the instances where fences are needed for institutions or correctional facilities. Whatever the need, there is no job too small or large.

Contact A Minnetonka Fence Contractor

Fencing is necessary for schools, correctional facilities, and other commercial environments needing added security. It is also ideal for increasing security and privacy at home. We have many fence types to meet your needs. To learn about our fence types and professional installation, call us at 612-788-4729 to schedule a free estimate.