Minnesota Automatic Gate Operators For Warehouse Parking Lot Security

The National Real Estate Investor has shocked readers with the announcement that warehouse construction of properties exceeding 300,000 square feet is experiencing a sharp upswing. Partially to credit for this unexpected commercial windfall is the e-commerce sector, which is leading the pace with the setup of new fulfillment centers across the nation. Part of these high-tech warehouse settings is a parking lot with automatic gate operators and accessories.

New Warehouse Properties Call for Upgraded Amenities

Finding investors for these projects is a snap with the anticipation of future growth. That said, spending money on the ventures calls for amenities that anticipate increased parking demands by employees and visitors to the facility. Any construction project that cannot deliver in this regard may have a hard time finding the financial backing it needs.

A Closer Look at Parking Lot Security

Commercial parking lot security in a warehouse setting includes industrial fencing, lighting, security cameras at strategic locations, and the ability to operate security gates remotely. With access control being a major concern for both employee safety as well as inventory shrinkage prevention, it makes sense that a high-tech approach must factor in multiple layers of security.

  • Gates. Although automatic gates are now the norm, these structures must be operable with a manual override as needed.
  • Multiple entrances. There is no reason to allow the parking lot gates to swing open for a pedestrian who parked offsite. Having a separate pedestrian access point with walk-through gates is always a good idea.
  • Access control. Automatic gate operators that rely on card readers or keypad entries to permit right of entry heighten access accountability of those authorized to be on the property at certain times.

Working with the Experts to Outfit (or retrofit) a Parking Lot

Warehouse parking lot security is no longer a third-tier concern for investors, builders, and owners. Instead, it is moving to the top of the priorities list. Collaborating with industrial security fencing experts to customize an automatic gate operation setup with the accessories that are right for your setting is crucial. Contact us today to learn more about what this could mean for your business.