Minneapolis Commercial Lot Fence Installation

Why Aluminum Fences Are the Right Choice for Commercial Lots

If you own or run a business, you have a lot of different things to worry about day after day. Typically, your fencing options on your lot might not be one of them. However, if you have security problems such as theft or trespassing, then building a fence might suddenly arrive on your radar one day. However, while there is no arguing that any fence is good for security, but picking out the right kind of fence affects more than just security. A fence is something that everyone sees and it speaks to potential customers about your business. Not only do you want a fence that keeps non-customers out, but you want one that still keeps your business looking nice. Your best option in this respect if you have a commercial lot is to choose aluminum fencing.

Commercial Aluminum Fencing Looks Best

When you have a business, you generally want people to see it while also keeping it secure. Take, for example, a car dealership. Obviously they may want a fence to protect their vehicles at night, but they still want people driving by to see them. Obviously, if you have a business, you don’t want a huge privacy fence shielding your business from allowing others to see it. While chain link allows the same visibility as aluminum, it doesn’t look very nice. Aluminum fencing has the same professional look as a wrought iron fence at only the fraction of the cost that it takes to have a wrought iron fence.

Commercial Aluminum Fencing is More Difficult to Climb

If you are looking for fencing primarily because you have had some security issues, aluminum may be a solid option. It looks similar to wrought iron, but is cheaper and lighter. However, the primary benefit to security is that it both looks nicer than a tall chain link fence lined with barbed wire at the top and is more difficult to climb. There aren’t many good footholds on an aluminum fence, making it harder for less experienced fence climbers to get over. Furthermore, if you choose options with spikes or other oriental decoration at the top, it adds just another level of difficulty and thus another level of security.

Commercial Aluminum Fences are Easy to Maintain

Wood fences will need to be painted or stained to every few years at least to prevent rot. Chain link fences are somewhat easy to cut, not to mention a great trellis for native plants. Wrought iron fencing need protection from moisture or they will rust out.

None of these are really an issue for aluminum fencing. Aluminum is not considered a ferric metal, so it won’t rust. Unlike privacy fences, it is not prone to wood rot because, obviously, it is not wood. Furthermore, your fence won’t be able to be breached by any average Joe with a pair of wire cutters like chain link. However, if the landscaping is neglected, local plants may still find a way to grow on aluminum fencing. However, compared to the major flaws of other fencing options, that typically isn’t a deal breaker for most business owners who have to maintain their grounds anyway.

Ready to Secure Your Business?

If you need to build a fence around your business, aluminum is really the best option in terms of aesthetics, security, and even price. In terms of fencing, it is the most professional option that you can go with. Do you have a business in the Minneapolis area that needs a fence put in? If you need a fence on your commercial lot, contact us today to see what fencing and installation options Security Fence & Construction has for you.