Make Your Chain Link Fence Part of Your Business’s Security Plan

Your fence plays a large part in your business’s overall security. The right fence can keep people out without getting in your way. Fencing also forms part of your building’s overall appearance, and choosing a strong barrier can give the right impression to both welcome visitors and potential trespassers. If you’re looking for a fence that can tighten security, add chain link fencing to your list. Here are four benefits that set it above the rest.

1. Use chain link fencing to minimize blind spots.

Fences are designed to prevent unwanted access. But good security systems don’t just try to keep people out. They should be made up of tools that let you monitor the situation and adjust to security risks. While solid fencing creates a barrier, it also blocks you and your employees’ ability to survey the property. 

But chain link fences are designed to keep people out without getting in the way of your security cameras. Not only do they let you monitor movement around the perimeter of your property, they don’t cause shade or obstructions that block your sight inside the property line. Not only is the better for security, it’s good for employee safety, too.

2. Vinyl protects your fence against the elements for long-term security.

If you’ve ever seen a rusting chain link fence, you might be thinking twice about the durability of the fencing choice. The twists in the metal can trap water and invite corrosion where it’s hard to spot. But vinyl-wrapped chain link fencing is protected against water and chemicals. The vinyl forms an impenetrable layer that pushes moisture away. It’s also another tough barrier that slows down any potential attempts to cut through the fencing. With the dual protection of vinyl and metal, you don’t have to worry about people finding weak points in the fencing.

Because vinyl reduces the risk of corrosion, maintaining is also a lot easier. All it includes is an occasional inspection to check for cuts or tears in the vinyl. As long as the posts stay firmly in the ground and the vinyl doesn’t get cut away, the fence will protect your property for years with little need for modifications or repairs.

Vinyl also gives the fence another edge in appearance. You can choose between black, green, and brown vinyl choices so your fence looks like a permanent installation on the property. The vinyl also helps with the curb appeal of your business’s exterior. While you want the fence to make it clear that trespassers aren’t welcome, it’s also important to keep the property inviting for clients.

3. Chain link fences look like security.

When people think security, they think of chain link fences. Maybe they imagine wiring across the top to dissuade climbers or at least a tilted top panel that makes climbing even harder. That mental association is another layer defense that chain link fences bring to your property. When people instantly tie chain link fences to the idea of security, they assume the property is protected. That’s useful whether it’s potential trespassers who dismiss your property as not worth the effort or potential customers who see that security as an additional perk.

4. Sectionalize fenced-in areas without reducing visibility.

Chain link fencing lets you add layers of protection and organization throughout your property’s lot. Instead of creating one aggregate block of protected land, you can divide up the space according to tasks, routes, and different levels of security. General fencing would create too many blind spots, even if you increased the number of security cameras. But chain link fences restrict movement without restricting visibility so your security personnel can monitor everything at once.

Chain link fences are built for security. They can maintain your business’s property line without getting in your employees’ way. Go to Security Fence and Construction to check out our gallery of vinyl chain link fences.