Local Minnesota Fencing News: Fences Key in Rancher’s Care for Buffalo

In local Minnesota fencing news , local rancher Mike Marvin has felt called to care for buffalo since he was young. Located in Warroad, Minnesota, Marvin is now 64 years old and has owned buffaloes for over 40 years. You may be wondering how his incredible work with buffaloes relates to fences. In the interview, Marvin credits strong fences for being one of the solutions for his career with these animals.

Unlike other kinds of livestock, buffaloes remain wild and aren’t yet domesticated. Buffaloes have strong horns, and have the capability of seriously injuring people if they run loose. Marvin recalls one incident earlier in his career where he was in a corral with a herd of buffalo, and they started to run at them. Marvin dislocated his hip.

In order to keep the buffalo and his neighbors safe, Marvin uses barbed wire fences to keep the buffalo from escaping. Because buffaloes are very strong, his fences need to be as well. Marvin creates his own fences, using barbed wire and railroad ties. However, he notes that his do-it-yourself fences occasionally fail.

In one such instance, he forgot to close a padlock and the buffalo escaped onto the highway, where he herded them back. In the second instance, his fence failed, and many of the buffalo escaped for over a week, and he eventually found them in a state park several miles from his ranch. Marvin’s experiences show the importance of having a very strong, safe fence, and that making your own fence is more challenging than using professionals.

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