Fencing is not just for outside. There are many instances where you may want to block off a certain space indoors. Interior partitions and cages provide many different functions and may be something that you are looking for.

At Security Fence and Construction, we can help you with any interior fencing needs that you need. We strive to help you block of any interior space, provide a secure enclosure and maintain an aesthetic look for your indoor area.

Gates and Encloses for Your Interior

When it an interior partition or cage appropriate? Some of the insta
nces where you may be looking for an interior partition include:

  • Warehousing needs – organization is the key to a success warehouse. Being able to find your inventory right away can be a lot easier if you have separate area for different groups of products or items. Interior partitions can provide the perfect storage solution for your busy warehouse and increase productivity on a daily basis. Furthermore, many warehouses will also need gates to store forklifts and other heavy duty machinery.
  • Storage facilities – storage units are individual cubes designed for many customers. Having these cubes blocked off is essential to your success and thus interior partitions are necessary
  • Recreational centers – locker rooms, storage rooms, towels rooms – all of these things are needed when working with a large gymnasium. We can help you split up this larger space to provide a more practical way to store equipment among other things
  • Pet kennels, veterinary clinics and animal control facilities – keep control of the different animals with specialized gating, netting, enclosures and stalls. Keep the animals safe and ensure that the area is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Inmate facilities

Security Fence and Constructions can help you with all of these situations. We know what you are looking for is unique and individual to your specific needs and we aim to cater to these needs. We offer free estimates where we can assess your space and determine the best interior partition or gating system that is both economical and practical.

Security Fence and Construction – Interior Partition and Fencing, MN

At Security Fence and Construction, we have the experience and the necessary equipment to provide you with any type of interior, exterior, commercial or residential gating or fencing system. This includes netting, cages and interior partitions as well as ornamental fences, athletic field and court enclosures and access control gates. Come in and speak to the team about your needs. We can come up with the perfect solution for your interior and exterior security system.

If you are looking for an interior gating system, partition or netted area that is:

  • Functional
  • Strong and reliable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Economical

..then Security Fence and Construction can help you.

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