Interior Cages and Partitions for Exotic Pets and Birds

Sharing your home and life with an exotic pet or bird is an amazing experience, however, each species must be properly cared for. In many instances, state and wildlife officials enforce stringent cage and fencing requirements in order to receive licensing to own certain exotic pets. Indoor cages and partitions often must be custom designed and constructed to meet precise regulations. 

Even if you do not own an exotic pet that requires mandated cage regulations, you still might want to give your bird or animal a custom indoor cage. Owners of exotic birds such as parrots and macaws frequently dream of having a cage large enough to let their birds stretch their wings and even fly a bit indoors. Indoor walk-in aviaries have become quite common any many households, especially in locations such as Minnesota which is known for its frigidly cold winters. However, the strength of a parrot or macaw’s beak is undeniable, so housing such a strong bird safely requires indoor fencing material that provides not only adequate strength but also bar spacing.  

Exotic pet and bird owners know the importance of custom designed, constructed, and secure interior cages and partitions. At Security Fence & Construction, we are here to create the indoor cage or partitions of your dreams. We know that each type of exotic pet requires precise wire strength, size, and construction. Let us know what your indoor cage or partition requirements are and we will work with you to design, construct, and install your enclosure to fit your home. 

From large to small exotic animals or birds, at Security Fence & Construction we are here to discuss your unique interior cage and partition requirements. We offer free estimates. Give us a call today to learn about our many services.