Industrial Security Fencing for Parks, Recreation Grounds, and Sports Facilities

Both private and public park and recreational grounds are susceptible to trespassing during unauthorized hours, trespassing that often leads to vandalism and other crimes. If you are a manager or owner of such grounds, implementing strong industrial security fencing is your ideal solution to protect expensively maintained grounds.

In choosing an industrial security fencing option for park-like properties, it’s important to choose something that maintains security, but at the same time blends in with park and landscape aesthetics. Industrial security fencing provides major deterrents to vandalism and crime, but you don’t want it to also deter your daily guests. Consider the following characteristics as you shop:

  • Double Wire Fencing.  This is a simple design of pre-galvanized wire panels are incredibly difficult to cut through and thus a recommended option for all areas with high-traffic. These panels are available in heights up to 10 feet tall and powder coating is available in a variety of colors to match your aesthetics and prevent against corrosion.
  • Anti-Climb Enhancements.  Anti-climb industrial fencing gets manufactured for the express purpose of preventing intruders from entering the grounds of a private sports club, soccer field, or other facilities requiring stringent security. This style features a special shape or design element along the fence’s top ridges that make it virtually impossible for a person or large animal to climb over. Examples of effective anti-climb enhancements include barbed wire and angled top sections; avoid the former for park-like atmospheres and instead consider alternatives like angled top sections and special protruding enhancements.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.  Stainless steel fencing offers all of the impenetrability you’d expect from a high-grade metal while still maintaining the desirable characteristics of a traditional wrought iron fence. This look paired with its toughness makes steel industrial security fencing a hot pick for parks and sporting facilities.

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