Increase Residential Curb Appeal with Vinyl Chain Link Fences

As noted by HGTV, 63 percent of prospective home buyers will drive by a property after liking what they see in an online listing. But will they still feel optimistic about the home when they arrive in person? Consider a property’s view from the street; there is the front entrance, the landscaping, and the sidewalk or driveway. When you rely on vinyl chain link fences, you might just be ahead of the crowd.

Color-coordinated Additions to a Landscape

The typical wood fence obstructs the view of the backyard and closes off a front yard’s beautiful landscaping. When you opt for chain link fencing instead, you preserve the curb appeal that a well-apportioned garden provides. At the same time, you safely keep in pets and children while keeping out animals and unwelcome visitors.

Whereas typical fences of this type present with a silver-colored material to create the famous diamond shapes that make up the length of the material, vinyl-coated products open the door to an attractive color palette that lets a homeowner accentuate a residence’s particular feature. Typical color choices include black, brown, green, and white.

Enhancing the Great Looks of a Fence

After selecting the color that makes the most sense for the property, consider the framework. Do you want to stick with the typical galvanized material that presents with the silver color everyone knows? Do you want to match the fencing material’s color? Even though the majority of clients favor the mix of silver and vinyl, the display of a matching product can be visually stunning.

When a gate is part of your fencing setup, consider the use of automatic gate openers and associated accessories for convenience as well as good looks. In fact, contact us today to learn more about the advantages that contemporary vinyl chain link fences bring to your property.