How Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fences Compare to Galvanized Chain Link Fences

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In the poem Mending Wall, Robert Frost’s neighbor argued that good fences make good neighbors. He should also have pointed out that a good fence is great for security and can enhance the curb appeal of a residential property. Of course, a homeowner will only get these benefits if they choose the right kind of fence. In homes with kids and/or pets, a quality fence can give a homeowner peace of mind. Chain link fences are usually a great security option in both residential and commercial settings. Chain link makes an affordable and sturdy fence that allows full visibility of the surroundings. A homeowner who wants to maximize the value from this type of fence can go with a vinyl coated chain link fence rather than a galvanized one. Consider these benefits:

Aesthetic Appeal

Chain link fences typically come in one of two flavors: galvanized or vinyl coated. You could consider galvanized chain link as the base model. Galvanized chain link is coated with zinc for functional purposes, not to improve its appearance. A simple galvanized fence is not an eyesore, but it also adds nothing to its surroundings. It is utilitarian and some might even describe it as industrial. While an industrial look can sometimes make for an interior, most people do not want their home’s exterior to look like a factory or warehouse. This is where the vinyl coating can be useful — it softens the look of a bare metal chain link fence. Whereas galvanized chain link only comes in one color — silver— vinyl coating can come in many colors. The homeowner can choose the one that best fits with their home’s exterior color scheme.


Galvanized chain-link is durable. The galvanization process alone helps to protect the steel from corrosion. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, this process can protect steel from corrosion for up to 30 years. If you add an extra coating to it, one that provides further protection from the elements, you get extra longevity. As a result, the typical vinyl-coated chain link fence will last for longer than one protected by galvanization alone. Keep in mind that the vinyl coating used on fences is specially formulated to last for a long time even with constant exposure to the elements. 


Chain link fences are typically a less expensive fencing option, especially when it comes to larger properties. The upfront cost of a vinyl coated chain link fence will be higher than that of a galvanized one, but the long-term cost is lower since it is less likely to require repairs or replacement. Keep in mind that in an investment property where the value is tied to curb appeal, the best option will be the one that offers the best returns. In a situation where you want the fence to last for as long as possible and be attractive, the vinyl coated option is the only option. Not only will vinyl coating extend the usable life of a fence, it makes it easy to maintain as well. Consider the fact that the most common maintenance task will likely be to keep your fence clean. You can clean the vinyl coating simply by hosing it off with water.

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The benefits that a homeowner gets from their vinyl coated chain link fence have mostly to do with the manufacturer. In other words, all chain link fences are not created equal. At Security Fence and Construction, only high-quality materials are used in our fences and we take installation seriously. We work hard to ensure that our fences stay put regardless of the weather or other environmental forces. Contact us today for a consultation.