How to Soften the Lines of a Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fencing gets a bad reputation. It can look too industrial or too impermanent. Some homeowners associations ban it, and others strongly insist on a wooden fence without allowing vinyl or wrought iron alternatives. But if your heart is set on chain link fencing, you know you made a good choice. The material is strong, low maintenance, and affordable. It’s also easy to repair. However, if you’re on the fence about how chain link fencing looks, here are some ways to improve its curb appeal:

Choose the right design.

Think of a chain link fence that you remember seeing when you were growing up. It was a plain metal fence with occasional posts to secure it. The metal was corroding a bit in the twists of the chain links. Maybe one of the panels had a bit of a sag in it. 

But that’s not your only option anymore. Chain link fences designed for residential properties come with a lot of choices. They have narrower panels with more support posts to keep the fencing aligned and strong. You can get vinyl coverings for each line of metal. Not only does that protect the metal from UV radiation, moisture, and physical attempts to cut through the fence, it means you can choose the color of your fence.

A popular residential style is a black chain link fencing with vinyl protection. The panels are outlined with thicker black metal, the design makes your property look crisp, clean and beautiful without the negative connotation of metallic chain link. You can also find stylized panels with designs woven into the links or wooden posts that give the fence a rustic look. Another popular residential style is to use oversized fence posts that extend up above the panels. From these posts, you can hang birdhouses, lanterns, and other lawn ornaments.

Even if you stick with a basic chain link fencing design, there are plenty of ways to make the look a perfect fit for your home and your backyard even before you install it and start to build around it.

Offset it with the right plants. 

Chain link fences are the perfect backdrop for a three-dimensional garden. Whether you like honeysuckle, ivy, climbing hydrangeas, the chain link fence gives it upward momentum and it can support the weight of a rapidly growing addition to your garden.

Chain link fences are a better choice for vines than wooden fencing because the tendrils will drill through the boards unpredictably. On a chain link fence, you can control the plant’s growth and direct its trajectory away from your house’s walls.

Plants are also a great solution to any transparency concerns you have. If you don’t want your neighbors to see into your yard from all directions, you don’t need a double-paneled fence. All you need is a season or two for quick-growing perennials to set root. You can also use thick firs and hedges.

Embrace the utility.

On the other hand, chain link fencing’s shape is one of the strongest benefits of the material. If you have a swimming pool in the backyard, a chain link fence helps you keep an eye on your kids as you do yard work. Add hooks and arms to the links for convenient places to secure outdoor tools and toys. The visibility also isn’t one way. If you want to relax in your backyard in the evening, you can sit on your patio and watch the neighborhood and the sunset. 

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