How Much Does It Cost to Install a Vinyl Fence? Here’s An Estimate

When you were growing up, few things were more disappointing than hearing the answer “It depends.”

Whatever the question, “It depends” felt like a non-answer.

Now that we’ve all matured, we know that sometimes “It depends” is the most accurate answer that can be given on short notice.

Fortunately, when it comes to estimating the cost of installing your new vinyl fence, we have a somewhat longer and more nuanced answer forthcoming. By the bottom of this page, you’ll have gleaned enough information to know what sort of price tag is in your future. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Vinyl Fence? 

A Ballpark Estimate

According to national averages calculated by the home-improvement match service Thumbtack, a new vinyl fence could cost anywhere between $1,200-$8,000.

If you’re looking for low and high brackets for your budget, there they are. 

What Affects the Price?

Right from the gate (if you’ll pardon the pun), two important factors affecting the price of your new fence will be the length of the fence line and the quality of the fencing itself.

Both have major impacts on the bottom line. 

On average, basic vinyl fence installation can run $19–$35 per linear foot nationwide, while decorative fence installation with specialty detail can cost up to $50 per linear foot. Pricing for vinyl fencing can vary based on a few factors, most notably the size and details of your project. Let’s have a look at how vinyl fencing might make a difference for you, and what it will cost.

There are other considerations, of course, that may affect the overall costs.

  • Pre-installation work. Does your property need any work done before the fence can be installed? Whether it’s clearing shrubbery, felling trees, removing stumps, leveling the land, or even hauling away an existing fence, you’ll need to factor into your costs any work that needs to be done before your new fence can be safely installed.
  • Gate specifics. Do you plan for your fence to have one or more gates? If so, will you choose single or double-door panels? What style gate do you want? Are you looking for specific top shapes or patterns? Do you want them to open inward, outward, or to swing both directions? All of these questions could potentially affect the final price tag.
  • Installation. Just as a mechanic will include both parts and labor in the overall price, the cost of fence installation generally includes the fencing materials themselves and the work involved in putting them in place. Charges can vary wildly by company. Fortunately, Security Fence & Construction always offers a free estimate at the beginning of each project so you never face any financial surprises.  

Hidden Costs?

Are there hidden costs to installing a new fence? The short answer, again, is “It depends.”

Often, when it comes to hidden costs, it depends where you live. 

Ensure your plans comply with local regulations. Your homeowners association is the place to start; most require an architectural review before approving new fence plans… If a permit is necessary for fence installation in your town, have that in hand before work begins. And find out whether underground utility pipes or cables run where you plan to dig.

If your fencing is found to be in violation of your city ordinances or HOA guidelines, you could end up paying a higher price down the line, whether in fines or in charges to have the work re-done according to code.

Fortunately, experienced professionals like us can help you navigate these questions pre-installation.  

We Can Help

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