How Much Does a House Fence Cost?

The answer, of course, is that it depends. While there are several variables in play, you might expect to spend anywhere from $13-$15 per linear foot on your new house fence. Though these costs can vary by region, the national average for a quality house fence installation rides around $1,100, with high-end costs in the $5,000 range.

Naturally, these estimates depend on quite a few variables.  

Fencing Variables

Sometimes, estimating how much you should plan to spend on installing a fence around your home or property is as simple as choosing a fencing type, pricing it per linear foot, and measuring to determine how much you will need in order to create your desire fenceline.

The three major variables to consider, then, would be:

  • The type of fence you desire
  • The size of your property’s perimeter
  •  Whether you try to erect the fence yourself or pay for professional installation (recommended!) 

While there could be some smaller possible variables in play, these three will have the greatest impact in determining exactly how much you’ll spend on your new home fence. 

A Few Home Fencing Suggestions

When choosing your new home fencing, you will want to take time and weigh your options. While your bottom line should always be a factor, you should also consider the purpose behind installing the fence. 

  • primarily for security
  • primarily for privacy
  • primarily for ornamentation

Depending on the purpose of the fence itself, you’ll naturally be drawn to different options. 

Split Rail Fencing

Our split rail fencing is one of our more affordable options. Unfortunately, it’s not very helpful when it comes to either privacy or security. Optimized for use on ranch properties, farms, and rural areas, the split rail fence may block automotive access and help control cattle; however, it’s zero help when it comes to enhancing privacy. On the other hand, a good split rail fence can add the finishing touch to your property’s rustic look; and in that case, has great ornamental value.  

Ornamental Steel Fencing

As the name implies, ornamental steel fences are made to be seen. Whether you’re installing one around your back garden, patio, swimming pool, or entire property, ornamental steel fencing gets the job done in style. Offering much more privacy than split rail fencing, this choice is also quite durable. A good investment for suburban homeowners, ornamental steel fencing could just be right for you. 

Wood Fencing

The ultimate classic, wood fencing continues to be a popular choice for fencing in private properties. Wood fencing tends to weather well and blend in with its surroundings, all while not breaking the bank. Wood fencing offers security and privacy without pretense or frill.

When choosing the type of wood that’s right for you, be sure to take the following factors into account:  

  • Regional weather. Different moisture and temperature levels may call for different needs.
  • Regional pests. You’ll want to be sure whatever type of fencing you install will not be subject to a likely infestation.
  • Overall cost. Naturally, some types of wood cost more than others.

Fortunately, an experienced professional can help you know which choice suits your needs; they’ll also keep you on track to invest your money wisely while getting the best value.

That’s where we come in.

We Can Help

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