Commercial buildings often will have some sort of security fencing in place to prevent anyone or anything from getting in through the front door.

Residential complexes, for example, will normally come with a gated front entrance that you will need to access via a code or key. Keeping your area safe from unauthorized intruders is important for the safety and security of your inventory, the people living there and the building in general. Some of the different options you have for your fencing and gating needs include gate operators, barrier, gates and turnstiles.

Security and Access Control Made Easy With Minneapolis Security Fences

At Security Fence and Construction we know that choosing the right gating and entry system for your situation can be hard. How can you prevent unwanted intruders from coming in but allow others access? You want to ensure that the system is easy to use and requires very little maintenance and fortunately, at Security Fence and Construction, we have several different options to help with this problem.

Security Fence and Construction have been helping commercial building owners with this dilemma for over 30 years. We specialize in security fencing across Minneapolis and offer a wide range of access control products, including:

  • Manual and automatic gates
  • Pedestrian and vehicle access gates
  • Swing gates, sliding gates, barrier gates and walk through gates
  • Gate operators that use various control capabilities including coded keypads, card readers, radio control, telephone entry control
  • Turnstiles for interior and exterior use including ADA approved handicapped access turnstiles, entry systems, metal detector turnstiles and token operated turnstiles
  • Automatic reverse controls, vehicle detectors, time delay gates and other accessories
  • Gate hinges and latches and other gate hardware
  • Mesh fencing
  • Steel barriers and other crowd control devices

Gating, Barriers and Other Access Control Products

There are many different instances where you may be in need of a turnstile, gate or barrier. Some of the places where Security Fence and Construction at offer their assistance include:

  • In shopping centers
  • In schools and daycare facilities
  • In public stations, such as train stations
  • In prisons and correctional facilities
  • In entertainment and sporting venues
  • In recreational facilities such as gyms and country clubs
  • In residential and commercial parking lots, apartment buildings, hotels and motels

Security Fence and Construction – Commercial Access Control

Security Fence and Construction can help ensure that you have the right access control product put in place. Whether you are looking for gating for an entertainment venue or are looking for an automatic gating system for your residential complex, we can help. Feel free to explore the many options offered on our website or contact us for more information. We will set up a consultation at your convenience to go over the options in detail and come up with the best system for your specific needs.

Contact Security Fence and Construction, your leading name in Minneapolis commercial fencing today at (612) 788-4729.