Fencing plays an important role for both homes and businesses. The most important of those roles is the security that is provided. Fences can be outfitted with access control functions or their height alone can be a deterrent for intruders, making the surrounded property more private as well.

Commercial Fencing

There are a number of features to commercial fencing, such as the ability to keep unauthorized personnel out of an area or the ability to use visual security to know who is entering an area. Commercial fencing is also used to enclose correctional facilities, institutions, hospitals, schools, daycares, parks, athletic facilities, and so much more. The types of fencing used include interior partitions and cages, gate operators and turnstiles, athletic field fences, tennis court fences, and batting cage fences.

Residential Fencing

Residential fencing has to meet three requirements: Security, privacy, and curb appeal. That is why there are a number of vinyl fencing options, such as PVC vinyl fences and vinyl coated chain link fences. There are also ornamental aluminum fences and ornamental steel fences, regular chain link fences, split rail fences, wood fences, steel fences, and aluminum fences.

Which you choose depends on how much security you want, how much privacy you want, the look you want to achieve, and the budget you are working with. Our Fridley fence company will help you choose what is right for your needs.

Contact A Fridley Fence Company

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