Finding the Right Electric Gate Accessories and Equipment

Electric or automatic gate openers are an excellent method for bumping up the security on your property, while still allowing those who live or work there easy and fast access. However, not every accessory is right for every situation. It’s important to choose the right electric gate accessories and equipment for your property’s needs.

  • Intercom System.  An intercom system is ideal for single family homes or small businesses that don’t operate a storefront with foot traffic. That’s because anyone without a personal pin or access card must get buzzed in. These gate accessories and equipment offer property owners maximum control over who comes and goes as requests for access get sent directly to a specified point in the main building.
  • Telephone Entry.  A telephone interface offers greater flexibility over who a guest can reach for access. This is a preferred option in certain residential zones and businesses that see minimal traffic.
  • Keypad Entry.  Keypad entry equipment is the ideal solution for larger businesses, apartment complexes, and other buildings with multiple tenants and visitors. Digital keypad users can set them so that routine visitors, such as postal workers and gardeners, can easily come and go to complete their business without interrupting yours. You can also issue temporary codes for even greater versatility.
  • Surveillance Cameras.  A well-positioned camera is advisable no matter which entry system you choose as it will allow users to check the credentials of their visitors. A surveillance system can also be set to record activity around a property to further reinforce security protocols.

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