Fences for Swimming Pools, Dogs and Horses

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When most people think about residential fencing, they only think about backyard fencing that encloses their property. However, there are several other ways that fences can be used. Do you need fencing for a swimming pool or for your pets and livestock? Here’s what you need to consider when choosing fences for swimming pools, dogs and horses, along with what we have to offer.


If you’re planning to add a swimming pool to your Minnesota home,  your community will probably require you to have a fence for enclosing your pool. Most areas have specific requirements for swimming pool fencing, regarding gates, height, along with other factors.

Usually, swimming pool fencing is found in solid fencing style. This type of fencing surrounds a pool, serving as containment fencing, which provides privacy. In addition to considering cosmetic appeal, fencing material should be exceptionally durable. For instance, wooden fencing should be treated with stain so that it can be sealed or painted to prolong lifespan. If you choose metal fencing and mesh fences, make sure you know how to properly maintain the fencing.

When buying pool fencing, consider how much security you need. Furthermore, find out if the authorities in your area allow for a 3-sided or 4-sided pool. Next, check to see if the fencing includes a door.


When deciding on fencing for dogs, consider that you need enough space for your pet to run and play. In other words, the fence is not a kennel but a place for exercising and enhancing your dog’s wellbeing.  The larger your dog, the more space you’ll need.

Choose durable fencing materials that your dog can’t destroy. We offer several kennel solutions for dogs, using only the highest quality materials. Also, be sure to buy fencing that is tall enough to prevent your dog from jumping over it. Consider the breed of your dog, besides its personality, intelligence level, size and athletic ability.

You may want to install a fence that prevents your dog from seeing through it. This is especially important if you have a socially-minded dog who wants to bark at other dogs or chase every squirrel on the other side of a fence.  Instead of a chain-length fence,  think about installing a privacy or a semi-privacy fence as these are ideal options.


When buying fencing for horses, your most critical consideration should be visibility. You’ll want your horses to be able to see the fence so that they won’t run into it and become entangled. An advantage of traditional wooden railing for horse fencing is that it’s strong, in addition to being beautiful. What’s more, a wooden rail fence can add monetary value to your property.

Some horse owners prefer vinyl fence railing as it is extremely durable and doesn’t require much maintenance.  Another perk is that vinyl fences are exceptionally safe. They’re visible and can endure strong impacts. Unlike wooden fence, vinyl railing won’t splinter when a horse runs into the fence.


  • Before installing a fence, check with your local building department or HOA community, regarding possible restrictions on fence styles.
  • If you’re planning on a picket-style fence, make sure your dog isn’t able to squeeze between the pickets. Why not take your dog to a friend’s house who has a picket fence to see if he or she can walk through the pickets? You could also test out the pickets at a fence manufacturer’s facilities.
  • Although some homeowners would rather install their own fences to save labor costs, fence installation can be hard work. Moreover, this skill requires the experience and expertise of a professional. You have to correctly measure the holes, besides know where to exactly position the gate. Even a slight error can mean having to shell out more money for fixing the problem.


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