Farm & Ranch Style Fencing in Minnesota

According to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), Minnesota ranks #4 in the nation when it comes to agricultural exports. This means there are lots of Twin Cities area farmers who rely on the right fencing in order to maintain their operations. At Security Fence & Construction, we can help you with all your fencing needs regardless of whether you are a hobby farmer or run a large-scale operation.

Challenges when Installing Farm Fencing in Minneapolis

Having a fence installed on your farm or ranch is different from other types of residential or even commercial fencing. That’s because farm fencing often comes with some unique challenges such as uneven terrain, excessive brush, or rocky soil. Fencing panels must often be hauled long distances, particularly when having them installed in very remote locations.

Our fencing specialists are well prepared to handle these challenges and more. Contact us if you need high quality fencing to protect your crops, livestock, or other animals.

Farm and Ranch Style Fencing Options

When many people think of farm fencing, what comes to mind first is industrial-style wire fencing. While we do install this type of fencing, we also offer numerous other choices, including:

  • Treated split rail
  • Diamond rail
  • Board rail
  • Round rail
  • Horse rail fencing
  • Barbed wire
  • Woven wire
  • High tensile fences

Many St. Paul land owners choose multiple types of fencing based upon the different ways in which they use their property. For example, you may desire a barbed wire fence for containing livestock, but choose woven wire to protect your garden or keep in chickens.

Not sure which type of fencing is right for you? Allow us to use our knowledge and years of experience to come up with a custom fencing plan that is just right for you.

Attractive Farm and Ranch Fencing in Minnesota

Farm and ranch style fencing must be functional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be attractive. These days, farm fencing comes in a variety of color and material choices that will complement your landscape and provide great protection.

In fact, many homeowners in the Minneapolis area choose certain types of farm fencing such as split rail solely for its beautiful aesthetics. Contact us if you would like a ranch-style fence along your driveway, deck, flower garden, or any other area.

When it comes to farm and ranch-style fencing, a few of the different materials we offer include:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Iron

Count on us for Reliable Fence Repairs

As a Minnesota farmer, your responsibilities do not necessarily end with fencing installation. Your fences must also be maintained and repaired on a regular basis as well.

At Security Fence & Construction, we perform all types of fencing repairs, and can assist you with things such as broken or torn panels, downed fence posts, and more. If you notice problems with your fencing, don’t wait until your animals escape or wildlife destroys your precious garden or crops. Contact us right away so that we can provide high quality repairs as quickly as possible.

Family Owned and Operated – Contact Us Today For A Quote!

Farm Flavor reports that nearly 90% of all Minnesota farms are family owned. As a family farmer, you no doubt take pride in how you do business and care deeply about the products and services you provide. We understand this completely, as we are family owned and operated as well.

For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing high quality fencing and related services to those in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and other locations near the Twin Cities. We’ll provide you with the same commitment to quality and service that all of our customers have counted on since 1972. To get started, please contact us.