Exterior or Interior Cages and Partitions Protect Your HVAC Systems from Copper Thieves

Copper theft has been an ongoing problem for the last three to five years. Construction sites are regular targets for thieves who dismantle piping under cover of darkness to resell the material to scrap yards. But businesses are not immune either. As noted by CBS, a Robbinsdale restaurant’s management team arrived one summer day to find its roof-mounted air conditioner copper coils gone. The team reportedly plans to install security cameras on the roof. Rather than watching the next set of thieves, we recommend the installation of exterior or interior cages and partitions to protect the appliances.

Adaptable to Your Setting

Whether your air conditioning unit or water heaters are outside of a residence, inside an apartment building, or anywhere on a commercial property, protecting them with fencing is possible. By welding steel panels into a customized shape and attaching the resulting cage with specialty bolts to a foundation or wall, thieves who rely on a quick getaway realize that reaching your copper will take too much time.

Suitable for Various Appliances

HVAC units are not the only machines that contain copper wiring, which attracts thieves. Utility boxes on the outside of apartment buildings, private home and commercial pool house water heater pipes, and electrical wiring of high school sports field scoreboards are just some of the products you can protect with customized cages. Making the investment now shields you from the downtime and expense associated with having to replace the units.

Learn more about the way exterior and interior cages and partitions can protect your copper-containing appliances today.