Employee Theft Cages Enclosures: Fences Might Just Keep Your Restaurant in Business

Consider that 95 percent of all commercial enterprises have to deal with employee theft; another statistic offered up by Digital Dining suggests that 75 percent of workers have at least one workplace theft on their records. Within the restaurant business, the use of illicit discounts and doctored tip records are some avenues of theft – right next to inventory that goes missing.

A particularly problematic area is the bar. Restaurant Business insiders reveal that there is an estimated 23-percent loss just at this station alone. The answer to this issue is as simple as the installation of employee theft cages enclosures. Fences with limited access gates can cut down dramatically on alcoholic beverage shrinkage.

Going High-tech vs. Hardware

Software applications – and the computer systems, wiring, and peripherals to make them useful – are one mode of defense. The problem with this approach is the expense of the purchase, installation, and monitoring. After all, who will look over a 12-hour recording of a food storage room or bar inventory every day? Hiring additional staff members just for the sake of keeping close watch on the bar operations themselves is frequently too costly for smaller restaurants. When the high-tech approach is simply not feasible, it makes sense to move toward the far more reasonably priced and customizable hardware alternative that comes in the form of fencing.

Employee Theft Cages: Combine them with Strict Inventory Rules and Limited Access

When you limit access to high-theft inventory items, examples include alcoholic drinks and high-quality meats and produce, you narrow down the pool of potential suspects. An employee inclined to be a part of the 75 percent of thieving workers realizes that identifying her of him is far easier when s/he is one of only two or three individuals with access to the inventory. Thus, employee theft cages enclosures fences are powerful deterrents.

But the efficacy of the fencing goes further. You choose the size and makeup of your partition. Whether you have a large wine inventory or only need a small theft cage to prevent unfettered access to a limited inventory, this product solution is customizable. Contact us today to learn what this means specifically for your company.