Effectively Using Employee Theft Cages for Your Business

If you own a business, shrinkage will always be an issue. While you may be ready to invest in loss prevention when it comes to frequent theft, one of the easiest solutions can be to install an employee theft cage. While you may feel uncomfortable installing an employee theft cage, it may be necessary. You may want to trust everyone that works for you, but some people may have no problem taking advantage of that. In order to prevent potential losses, this security cage can help dramatically, but you have to know how to optimally use it.

Best Utilizing an Employee Theft Cage

If you have invested or are considering a purchase of an employee theft cage, you need to lay out a plan of how best to use it. If you want to put your entire inventory inside, you may want to consider an in-warehouse fence instead because doing so with even the largest employee theft cage isn’t feasible. Furthermore, if you put your entire inventory inside, then more people need access in order to do their job. What an employee theft cage does is that it guards specific high-value or high-target items and it limits the amount of people that have access to them.

If you have a theft problem, then obviously the items which are frequently stolen will want to be stocked inside. A commonly pilfered item is cigarettes. They are small, easy to conceal, and can often be resold outside of your store easily. By locking these up and only giving access to the person who restocks the cigarettes, it limits theft. Furthermore, if theft does occur, you have a limited number of suspects.

Alternatively, you want to consider prioritizing items that are easy to steal. If you, for example, lock up all your 50-pound bags of dog food, you are wasting space. People may try to steal those bags, but they are heavy and hard to hide, making the opportunities for theft less than something like a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of alcohol.

Options for Employee Theft Cages

If you are in need of employee theft cages, you have a number of options available to you. Many retail stores choose a larger employee theft cage for specific items that were frequently targeted for theft, locking them up and controlling the amount of access that is available.

However, choosing to install smaller cages can be a better option for some retailers. For example, if you run a department store, you may choose to install smaller theft cages in each storage area for different departments and have only one or two managers or employees with access to each cage. This allows more flexibility with what you want stored in those cages and even more traceable access to them. This is often preferred in many department stores rather than having one larger area that is secured and only a few with access to it. In these cases, you may find that a manager is constantly being pulled away from their other work in order to give access to the area. By separating the areas and the keys to them, it divides up the work of granting access so your employees can do their jobs smoothly.

However, regardless of which option you choose, you will reap the benefit of better security and less shrinkage as a result of theft from your storage area. If you run a business and have decided to install employee theft cages to minimize your losses, contact us today. Security Fence & Construction is dedicating to installing fencing options that keep everyone from your business to your backyard secure.