Eden Prairie Fence Installation

Both business owners and homeowners benefit from the different types of fencing available to them. It is good to know what these different types are so you can choose which will work well with your purpose, your budget, and your style.

Residential Fences

Residential fencing serves a number of purposes with visual appeal and security being the two main ones. However, the security factor has a number of roles within itself, such as keeping out thieves, keeping children and pets inside, and maintaining privacy. Here are the different types that you can choose from:

  • Chain link, California chain link, and vinyl coated chain link fences
  • Ornamental steel and ornamental aluminum fences
  • Split rail fences
  • Vinyl and PVC vinyl fences
  • Wood fences
  • Aluminum and steel fences

Commercial Fences

Just like with your residential needs, you need an experienced Eden Prairie fence company to help you with your commercial fencing needs. There are different types for the many commercial purposes, such as athletic field fences that include tennis court and batting cage fences, interior partitions and cages to secure harmful materials and products within warehouse areas, gate operators and turnstiles, and security fences for correctional facilities, hotels, and more.

The whole purpose of commercial fences is to ensure the bottom line of a business by protecting its assets, and products, and keeping harmful materials away from bystanders and employees. At the same time, the fencing looks professional and brings a sense of organization to the business.

Contact An Eden Prairie Fence Contractor

When you need fencing that gives you security, privacy and looks great, we offer many types that fit your specific needs. All you need to do is tell us what you wish to accomplish with your fencing and we can present you with different types that adhere to your budget. To get started, call us at 612-788-4729 to schedule a free estimate.