Double Your Security with a Double-Paneled Fence: Three Key Features of a Solid Fence

Your fence says a lot about a property. Potential homebuyers might glance at your house when the neighbor’s property is for sale, and what guests see from your front yard forms a large part of their first impression. If you have a fence with a maintained stain, a gate that locks securely, and slats that fit snugly together, your property is off to a great start.

But potential trespassers and burglars are going to give your fence a casual glance, too. They’re going to be looking for unsecured gates and easy entrance points. They’re even going to try and look beyond the fence to see if you have dogs, security cameras, or anything worth taking. So don’t make it easy for them. Your fence’s type and maintenance are two of the best tools you have for keeping your residence safe. You can optimize that defense with a double-paneled fence because:

1. Lack of visibility into the backyard makes your home less of a target.

Most home break-ins or trespassing incidents are planned. If your backyard is open for anyone to evaluate, then people can familiarize themselves with where you store expensive lawn care equipment, when you’re home, and if you have any additional security measures. But double-paneled fences block out unfriendly eyes. These fence panels are usually higher than the average six-foot fence, especially with the top-railing. Eight-foot fences are also becoming the norm in many neighborhoods so your fence won’t be noticeable. 

But the real advantage of double-paneled fences is in their doubled paneling. Most fence slats start to warp to shrink over time as the wood dries out. This leaves gaps that make your backyard visible to anyone on the sidewalk or driving down the alley behind your house. But double-paneled fences protect against that with layered slats that, even with any potential shrinkage, don’t develop gaps. If you have a cedar fence, you have an even longer-lasting barrier that withstands sun and moisture damage.

2. Fence quality doesn’t give criminals the information they need.

Your fence itself provides information to homebuyers and guests, but it doesn’t provide much information to potential trespassers. People purely interested in your property’s value and the neighborhood aesthetics are satisfied just by the appearance of a well-maintained fence, and they can fill in the details about HOAs, market value, and neighborhood safety.

But potential threats to your home don’t know if you installed the fence or the previous owners did. They can’t tell if the fence is designed for personal privacy or to protect expensive goods. Also, while the average cost of a double-paneled fence isn’t hard to find out, it doesn’t have much correlation to salary or personal possessions. Not only does a double-paneled fence give unwanted eyes as little information as possible, the little information it does give away isn’t useful.

3. Double-paneled fences increase your general privacy.

Fences don’t just keep out trespassers and deter burglaries. They should also give you a sense of privacy. Double-paneled fences provide a complete barrier against the rest of the neighborhood. If your house is close to a major street or right up against another property, then you need the right fence. Thick, tall fencing can keep neighborhood sounds to a minimum. By the same token, you can have larger gatherings without disturbing your neighbors. Privacy fences also come with a wide range of features and accessories so you can get precisely the tools you need for the right level of seclusion.

Privacy fences come in a wide range of shapes and styles. Whether you want all the benefits of a tall wall that gives you privacy or you want the solidity of a fence that no one can see through, double-paneled fencing can give you that security. Go to Security Fence & Construction to get started.