Daycare Center Fined for Fence

When you have young children or frequent young visitors to your home, having a fence is one of the key ways to keep your children safe in the front or back yard. When putting children in someone else’s care, we trust and expect that they’ll be kept safe. Unfortunately, recent news reports in Minnesota describe a day care center where a child escaped due to a poorly made fence.

The incident took place on October 18 at Saint Peter Community Childcare Center, a childcare facility in St Peter, MN. St Peter is a small town in the greater Mankato metropolitan area. According to reports, the center had two gaps in the fence for its play area for the children. A toddler escaped through one of the gaps, and a bystander found the toddler unsupervised in a parking lot. Fortunately, the child was safe and able to be brought back to the center without further incident.

In response to the safety violation, the Minnesota Department of Human Services recently fined the daycare center $1000, finding them to be in violation of safety regulations. The department also ordered Saint Peter Community Childcare Center to repair their fence. The center has since complied with this rule and now has a working fence.

When you use fences at home to help keep young children safe from traffic, it’s important to make sure your fence remains in good working condition. Fences sometimes break due to normal wear and tear or issues related to poor construction. We have an excellent safety record when it comes to repairing fences in poor condition and will help you build or fix a fence that protects your family. Contact us to get started.