Commerical Uses of Full-Height and Tripod Turnstiles

Security is a concern to everyone these days, especially if you’re dealing with a large number of people or have valuable assets to protect. If you’re a commercial business or other large organization and need effective entry security, consider full-height and tripod turnstiles to control the flow of people on your property.

What exactly is a turnstile? A turnstile is a gate that allows one person at a time to pass. It’s often used to allow only authorized people to enter an area or to restrict access to only those people who pay to enter. It’s also very effective when you need to count attendance. A turnstile is of value anyplace that you want or need to strictly control entry.

Two types of turnstiles that you will want to consider are:

Tripod Turnstiles — This type of turnstile is simple, compact, and durable. It is often used at fairs and arenas for ticket taking. It’s useful for sites that need automated access, such as public stations and sporting venues, or any other busy area.

Full-Height Turnstiles — This type of turnstile is a larger version turnstile that people cannot jump over. It is often seen in correctional facilities and construction sites, as two examples. It is effective in any area that needs optimal entry protection.

If you’re looking for a way to control entry traffic at your business, please contact us for more information on our turnstiles. We use only the best materials and offer the highest quality of service throughout Minnesota.