Columbia Heights Fence Installation

Whether for your home or business, there is a fence type that is right for your needs. They come in different heights, the panels come in different widths, and each has a varying degree of security. For instance, a split rail fence doesn’t offer a great deal of security, but it does separate the property from that of the neighbors. However, a wood fence is going to be able to keep out intruders while offering a great deal of privacy.

Commercial And Residential Fencing

Commercial and residential fencing adds a bit of aesthetic appeal in some cases, while also offering security. For example, a home will look great with ornamental aluminum and steel fences. There are also regular steel and aluminum fences, wood, vinyl and PVC vinyl fences, vinyl coated chain link fences Depending on which type you get, there is a degree of privacy.

Businesses tend to use security fences, gate operators and turnstiles, and interior partitions and cages. That way they can partition off areas, keep harmful substances away from people unauthorized to be around them, and also keep out intruders. Sporting complexes and fields use athletic field fences, batting cage fences, and tennis court fences.

Security Fences

The main premise behind security fences is the ability to keep people out of areas they shouldn’t be in. There are some that utilize various access control functions, such as visual security and so much more. These fences consist of netting, chain link fencing, steel, vinyl, timber, and even barbed wire.

Contact A Columbia Heights Fence Contractor

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