Choosing the Right Operator for Your Barrier Gate

If your property has a fence surrounding it, then it is only natural that you would want to include a gate with that. After all, there isn’t much point of a fence if anyone can just walk around it and get in. However, while you may pick gates purely on aesthetics, you will also want to consider if it will work with a gate operator. This means you don’t need to manually open a gate, but rather have a system that will do it for you. Yet, every gate is not compatible with every gate operator.

When choosing a gate and a operating system, take the following into consideration:

  • How Does Your Gate Open? – This is crucial when choosing the right gate operator. A gate operator designed to open a swinging gate may not work with a gate that is designed to roll open. Furthermore, double gates may require a different system than one single gate.
  • Length and Weight of a Gate – All gate operators have a maximum length and weight they are designed to open. If your gate goes beyond that, the gate operator might not function as you intended or even at all.
  • Property Power Compatibility – Many properties use a low wattage AC system and these are typically the easiest to use. However, you will need to have a power source to plug it into or have the cable run to the nearest outlet. However, there are also solar applications for gate operators. However, not all gate operators are compatible with solar power.
  • How Big Are Your Columns? – For most gate operators, they typically attach to the columns that hold the gate. However, if those columns are not big or sturdy enough to accommodate it, you will need to explore other options. It could mean getting new columns or simply building proper housing.
  • How Many Times Will You Be Opening It? – Obviously, the more you use a gate, the faster it will wear down. If you are really only using it twice per day, this isn’t as important. However, if that gate will be moving frequently throughout the day, you may want to choose a heavier duty gate and an operator to support that activity or risk having to replace the gate or operator sooner than you wanted.
  • Is There a Back Up Battery? – Most gate operator systems will with back up battery systems so your gate will still work when the power is out, but you will want to make sure before having one installed. If it doesn’t have a back up system, there is a chance that if the power goes out, the gate will be stuck in the open or closed position, neither of which is good news.
  • Controls – You have a variety of options when it comes to controls. It may open when it detects your car or it may be set to auto close just in case you forget to close it. You will want to carefully consider which controls are right for you as installing a new gate operator because it didn’t have the controls you wanted can be a costly venture that you just don’t want to go through if you can do it right the first time.

If you are looking to fence in your property or even add a gate to an existing fence, contact us. While installing a gate seems simple enough, it gets complicated very quickly when a gate operator is involved, let the professionals at Security Fence & Construction come and install your gate and gate operator right so you can make immediate use of it keeping your property secure as well as beautiful.