Can You Install a Fence in the Winter?

trees covered in snow

Winter Fence Installation Minneapolis, MN

When it comes to residential fence installation and commercial fence installation, it is only a natural impulse to wait until the warmer months to do it. The ground is frozen and it is cold out there, after all. For DIY fencing jobs in Minnesota, it is always best to wait until later spring or summer when the ground is thawed and dried out simply because you do not have the tools to break through frozen ground and install fencing.

Without proper tools, it is likely that you will end up seriously injuring yourself or working so much harder than you need to. However, if you are looking to have a professional fencing contractor out to install a new fence, then winter is actually one of the better times to do it.

Why Not Wait Until the Spring?

In truth, fencing contractors will see a major boom once spring rolls around because everyone has waited to make the call for installation. This can mean you might have to wait awhile to actually get the installation done because you have hit the busy season. Even then, most fencing contractors will still need to wait until the thaw has finished up as installing fencing in soft, water-logged ground is not ideal.

Furthermore, spring and summer is the time that you actually want to be outside. A fence installation by the right contractor can be done in a timely manner, but between waiting for your scheduled appointment and the actual installation, having a fence installed in your yard can interfere with those beloved outdoor activities. Why not just have it done when you would much rather be inside and be able to enjoy it when it gets warm?

How Fencing is Installed in the Winter

While you are more likely to get a fence installed quickly in the winter due to the general lack of appointments that a fencing contractor has, most companies will only work during certain times. For example, if it is the middle of the winter where the temperatures are fierce in Minnesota and the ground is buried under two feet of snow, you probably won’t be able to schedule a fencing installation. It would simply be too cold for the workers and the materials, plus they would have to essentially shovel the snow in your yard in order to even get to the ground.

Ideally, a fence should be installed before the heavy snows fall and the temperatures drop too far. When installing a fence in the winter, contractors will use a jackhammer to easily dig the post holes in the frozen ground, they will then be installed with concrete. If it is too cold, an additive can keep the concrete from freezing quickly. This is what makes installation possible, but the contractor needs to be able to see the ground to accurately install an even and beautiful fence. When they have to dig out several feet of snow to get to the ground, it can lead to problems.

What are Your Fencing Options in Minneapolis?

If you have been looking at your yard or business and realized you want to put a fence around it, don’t wait. Fencing can be installed in the winter, and it is usually faster due to the lack of waiting you will need to do. However, the winter conditions do need to be right for the installation.

You can have everything from wood fence to steel fence installed during the winter, but the conditions in your yard need to be right for the installation.

If you need a fence in Minneapolis or Twin Cities area, contact us today for a consultation to see what we can do to meet your fencing needs and if your yard is right for a winter installation.