Local Minnesota Fencing News: Fences Key in Rancher’s Care for Buffalo

In local Minnesota fencing news , local rancher Mike Marvin has felt called to care for buffalo since he was young. Located in Warroad, Minnesota, Marvin is now 64 years old and has owned buffaloes for over 40 years. You may be wondering how his incredible work with buffaloes relates to fences. In the interview, Marvin… Read more »

The Awesome Versitility of Wood Fences

There’s a reason why the American Dream features a white picket fence. Down through our history, Americans have relied on wood fences both in their front and back lawns to accomplish specific purposes. Among these purposes are privacy, protection, and embellishment.  Privacy While wire fencing may allow some flexibility and an uninterrupted line of vision, it does little to… Read more »

Top Benefits of Chain Link Fences in Minnesota

Chain link fence installation is one of the most recognizable, and perhaps most popular, fencing options available. Commonly used for both residential and commercial applications, chain link fences can be an extremely beneficial fencing option due to their versatility and the ease at which they can be installed. If you are trying to decide on… Read more »

Interior Cages and Partitions for Exotic Pets and Birds

Sharing your home and life with an exotic pet or bird is an amazing experience, however, each species must be properly cared for. In many instances, state and wildlife officials enforce stringent cage and fencing requirements in order to receive licensing to own certain exotic pets. Indoor cages and partitions often must be custom designed… Read more »

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal With Ornamental Steel Fencing

Few things can add instant curb appeal to a home, but ornamental steel fencing has the style power to do just that. Many people fail to realize how much character an ornamental fence can bring to the overall look of a home. Take a look at a few examples courtesy of these links from design… Read more »

Is Ornamental Aluminum Fencing Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Having new ornamental aluminum fencing installed along your property is a big investment, so it is only natural to inquire first about whether homeowner’s insurance protects such an investment should a disaster occur.  File it Under ‘Other Structures’ The short answer to this is that policies typically cover ornamental aluminum fencing — as with most… Read more »

Finding Some Peace With a Wood Privacy Fence

Privacy. It’s something we all crave a little more of. In the hustle and bustle of daily life and its demands, it’s easy to feel like you never have enough privacy. Spending time outdoors in your backyard is a way to take advantage of a natural tranquilizer that’s available to us all — the calming… Read more »

Exterior or Interior Cages and Partitions Protect Your HVAC Systems from Copper Thieves

Copper theft has been an ongoing problem for the last three to five years. Construction sites are regular targets for thieves who dismantle piping under cover of darkness to resell the material to scrap yards. But businesses are not immune either. As noted by CBS, a Robbinsdale restaurant’s management team arrived one summer day to… Read more »

KARE 11 Investigates: Contractor takes money, doesn’t build

A local news team based in Minneapolis and St. Paul investigated a questionable fencing company a few months back. KARE 11 had received several complaints aimed at Alpine Fencing Company for neglecting to perform contracted work and ignoring any attempts of customers to contact them. The news team decided to go undercover to find out… Read more »

Industrial Security Fencing for Parks, Recreation Grounds, and Sports Facilities

Both private and public park and recreational grounds are susceptible to trespassing during unauthorized hours, trespassing that often leads to vandalism and other crimes. If you are a manager or owner of such grounds, implementing strong industrial security fencing is your ideal solution to protect expensively maintained grounds. In choosing an industrial security fencing option for park-like… Read more »