Best Type of Commercial Grade Fence to Use For Your Business

Every business is unique in its own way, but all businesses can benefit from having a fence installed for security. Fences work to keep assets safe and prevent unwanted visitors from free access to the property. However, while fences seem innately uninviting to a business that wants to attract customers, a commercial fence need not necessarily make your business look like a prison.

The most important thing when considering a commercial grade fence for your business is to make the right choice for your type of business you have and the security that it needs from a fence. By choosing the correct type of commercial grade fence for your business, it can be a boon.

Chain Link

A chain link fence is one of the most affordable fencing options and generally a good choice for many businesses. However, it is not always a particularly attractive choice. If your business is in an industrial park and you need a fence solely to protect what is on-site, chain link is the best option for the job, especially if you do not necessarily depend on the aesthetic appeal of your building for customers.

When built with the correct gauge and to a sufficient height, a chain link fence can be the perfect deterrent to those that would trespass on your business property. This makes chain link both secure and affordable for a business that needs a fence for security only.

Aluminum or Wrought Iron

For businesses that depend on their aesthetic to invite in customers, it is better to choose a more ornamental fence option such as wrought iron or aluminum.  These fences don’t obscure your business front, but rather can be a beautiful accent to it while still providing the security you need.

However, with these ornamental fences, you need to know how much maintenance your business wants to put into it. Wrought iron, for example, will need to be coated in order to prevent rust. However, by performing the proper maintenance, ornamental options will make your business secure while still looking great.

The real benefit in choosing ornamental fencing is that it can come in a variety of styles to suit the needs of your business and the look of your business. For businesses that have serious security issues, an ornamental fence may also suit their needs as, unlike chain link, it is more difficult to scale and impossible to quietly cut through. In many cases, this is the best commercial fence choice.


In terms of commercial fences, wood typically has the least applications. Although wood looks nice, it requires a lot of maintenance to prevent rot and warping. Furthermore, wood fencing can obscure your business from view and even give potential intruders a place to hide.

However, if your business is in a residential area or even borders one, it may be a good choice around the borders of your business to keep the neighborhood off your property. Wood fences are often not the choice to completely surround your entire property, but rather a good choice when a business needs to create a single barrier or make something look a little nicer, such as a dumpster enclosure.

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