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Batting cage fences are designed to help baseball and softball players with their swing and contact with the ball. When you are playing baseball or softball, then making contact with the ball is one of the most crucial skills that you need to possess. Batting cages provide a safe and effective way to practice batting without having to constantly have a team of outfielders retrieving balls. Batting cages allow players to practice their swing with only the need of a pitcher, not an entire team of outfielders.

Batting Cage Fences and Netting Minneapolis, MN

At Security Fence and Construction we can design and install the right batting cage system for your recreation center. We have over 30 years experience in fencing and cage construction and can create all types of batting cages. From single use cages for our local sporting facility to paid batting cage centers, we can construct them all. Choose from nylon or chain link fencing for your batting cage needs. We can help you with every step of the way.

Discover the Benefits of Having a Batting Cage

If you are looking into installing a batting cage to your recreational area, then you can expect many benefits:

  • Help your players get a better grip on hitting
  • Boost confidence and club morale
  • Enjoy an easier way to train your players
  • Expect a higher value on the recreational center or club

Of course, even if you want a commercial batting cage for your recreational and commercial area, it’s not always this simple. There are probably strict rules, guidelines, and most importantly, a budget that needs to be adhered to. The good news is that Security Fence and Construction have seen it all before. We have installed batting cages across Minneapolis and know the regulations involved. Our fences and batting cage netting is designed to last and will not be damaged due to every day wear and tear or weather.

Minneapolis Athletic Field Fences

In addition to batting cage enclosures, Security Fence and Construction is also your leading name in Minneapolis athletic field fencing of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Locker room cages
  • Gate operators and turn stiles
  • Outfield perimeter fencing
  • Tennis court enclosures
  • Golf netting

Let the team at Security Fence and Construction transform your club or recreational center into something you can be proud of.

Security Fence and Construction – Your Batting Cage Specialists

At Security Fence and Construction we can help you determine the right fence for your specific needs as well as the budget that you need to work with. We offer proven products from leading manufacturers in the industry. Our products come with long warranties and our work is guaranteed. What this means is that you can get back to the game sooner and without fears of fencing complications for the future.

For your batting cage fencing needs, contact Security Fence and Construction, your leading name in Minneapolis commercial fencing today at (612) 788-4729.