A Barrier Gate for Extra Protection

Everyone wants to protect his or her properties and facilities.  However, a fence may not provide enough protection.  A barrier gate may help you better protect your properties and facilities.

A barrier gate on your property helps keep unwanted people out.  That is what a fence is for, right?  That is true.  A fence is a very effective tool for protecting your property.  However, a person can climb over or crawl under a fence.  Once a person gets past the fence, he or she is free to roam around and do whatever he or she pleases.  That means that you must patrol the fence constantly looking for possible intruders.  Putting a barrier gate in a strategic part of the fence will draw traffic towards it.  If someone deviates from the flow of traffic, you will see it right away.  Therefore, you can respond to threats more easily.

A barrier gate functions as a filter.  It allows authorized people into your facility and keeps unauthorized people out.  It is important that the people who are coming in are the people you want coming inside.  For example, a barrier gate allows you to give authorized people a card that will open the gate.  If the person does not have a card, they do not get in.  It saves you the trouble of screening everyone trying to get through the gate.

A barrier gate also helps you keep records of who is coming in and going out of your facility.  It is a good idea to keep records of how many people were in your facility, the identity of each person, and what time each person arrived and left.  Why do you need this information?  What if an incident occurs in your facility and you need to find out what happened.  You can go through the records and find out who was around at the time of the incident.  Then you can talk to those people and figure out what happened.  It makes things a lot easier on you.

A barrier gate helps better protect your property.  For more information, please contact us.