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Having adequate fencing around a baseball diamond, a soccer field or any other athletic field is essential to not only the way the game is played but also for the safety of the spectators and players. You cannot expect a baseball game to have the same dynamics if there is not a fence in place to determine the boundaries. This is true with plenty of other sports as well from tennis to soft ball.

At Security Fence and Construction we offer commercial and residential athletic field fencing for all your requirements. Whether you are a private club, a recreational center or even a homeowner looking to add a tennis court, basketball court or batting cage onto your residence, we can help. We have experience in all aspects of athletic field fencing across Minneapolis and can help you customize the perfect fence for your specific requirements.

Minneapolis Baseball Field Fences

Some of the different athletic field fences that we can offer include:

Baseball and softball backstops – a backstop is designed to keep the spectators safe from fly balls. If there is no back stop in place then there is the chance that a fly ball can hit the people watching behind the mound. This can result in serious injury and liability lawsuits as well as problems with the overall dynamics of the game. Security Fence and Construction can provide backstops for baseball, softball and other diamonds to protect the people and preserve the game.

Outfield fencing – baseball also requires an outfield perimeter to determine whether a player has hit a home run. Choose from a wide range of fencing components for your outfield fencing needs.

Batting cages – another important element of the game of baseball and softball is making contact with the ball when batting. Batting cages provide an excellent way for teams for practice this skill without having to constantly fetch the balls that have been hit.

Tennis Court enclosures – when it comes to ball control, a larger fence is going to provide you with less chance of losing your ball after a wild swing, which, let’s face it, can happen to even the best tennis players. Our 10 foot enclosures are perfect for tennis courts and other larger enclosure areas.

Golf Netting – golf ball netting is perfect for driving ranges. You can keep the balls in control with this simple yet practical nylon netting. Security Fence and Construction can provide you with this and more.

Security Fence and Construction – Athletic Field Fencing Made Easy

Commercial and residential fencing requirements will vary. When you are looking into a larger project such as fencing a larger area, you want to be sure that you are choosing a fence that is appropriate for these needs. A timber or ornamental steel fence, for example, may look pretty, but this is not exactly the look you are going for when making the perimeter for an outfield.

At Security Fence and Construction we can help you determine the right fence for your specific needs as well as the budget that you need to work with. Contact Security Fence and Construction, your leading name in Minneapolis commercial fencing today at (612) 788-4729.